Introducing Making Meaning

We’ve got a new series for you! It’s called Making Meaning, and there are two parts of this series.

The first part is my favorite!

Artists share a song of their own and then provide some insight into the meaning of the song. We’re being pretty general and open-ended here. The way artists decide to talk about their song is up to them. They may share minute details about why and how they wrote it, or they may be rather vague about what it means to them. They may share something about the meaning of the lyrics, the instrumentation, the recording process, or even the artwork. Songs mean something to the artists that create them, and we want to know what – in whatever way the artist finds it to be most meaningful to share! Through this process, we’ll all learn more about creativity.

Photo by Trevor Richards.

The second part is cool, too!

Artists talk about songs from artists other than themselves and the meaning they make from those songs. Other artists might be artists they are good friends with, or artists they’ve idolized from a distance since their childhood. They share something about what the song means to them and why. Through this process, we’ll all learn more about inspiration.

The Making Meaning series debuts this week – don’t miss it! (One way you can be sure you don’t miss it is to subscribe to our blog!) If you’re an artist that would like to participate, please contact us!

Be well!