Here are all of our interviews so far. More to come. Take a look!

Jakethehawk on their album To Build a Fire (a Making Meaning video interview)

Yoga & Meditation: Practice, Application, and Benefits for Artists featuring Carolyn and Donny of Dinosoul (three-part video series)

Interview: James Dittrich (Artificial Consciousness Machines/Balefire) Talks about Music, Depression, and PTSD

Interview: Emily Rodgers Talks about Music, Depression, Sensitivity, and Suicide

Interview: Erik Cirelli (Emily Rodgers/Chad Sipes Stereo/Host Skull/Lyola/Fatal Familial Insomnia/Trovants) Talks about Music and Depression

Interview: Adam Jannon-Fischer (The Park Plan/LoFi Delphi) Talks about Music and Being a Social Worker

Interview: Brenda Leeds (Old Game/epic.) Talks about Music and Being a Therapist

Interview: Bengt Alexsander (Action Camp/St. Dude) Talks About Music and Depression