Here are all of our interviews so far. More to come. Take a look!

Old Game on their album Lunatics (a Making Meaning video interview)

Rebreather (a Stage Presence video interview)

Sikes And The New Violence (a Stage Presence video interview)

YATRA (a Stage Presence video interview)

Jakethehawk on their album To Build a Fire (a Making Meaning video interview)

Yoga & Meditation: Practice, Application, and Benefits for Artists featuring Carolyn and Donny of Dinosoul (three-part video series)

Interview: James Dittrich (Artificial Consciousness Machines/Balefire) Talks about Music, Depression, and PTSD

Interview: Emily Rodgers Talks about Music, Depression, Sensitivity, and Suicide

Interview: Erik Cirelli (Emily Rodgers/Chad Sipes Stereo/Host Skull/Lyola/Fatal Familial Insomnia/Trovants) Talks about Music and Depression

Interview: Adam Jannon-Fischer (The Park Plan/LoFi Delphi) Talks about Music and Being a Social Worker

Interview: Brenda Leeds (Old Game/epic.) Talks about Music and Being a Therapist

Interview: Bengt Alexsander (Action Camp/St. Dude) Talks About Music and Depression