Of Music and Mind seeks to understand how music & the mind connect. We share research and real-life experiences of musicians through words, photos, videos, and music to support and inspire learning, communication, and understanding of these issues.

Of Music and Mind features content about and for musicians, though anyone who loves music or is interested in matters of the mind will find something here. 

When we feature musicians or songs, we tend to focus on music that is sonically or emotionally heavy. We like stuff that makes you feel.


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About the Creators

Allison is a musician and writer. She is the bassist for The Long Hunt (heavy psych/drone/doom) and over the years has played bass in Emily Rodgers Band, Eighth Whale, Dusklight Trio, and You Are The War That I Want. She’s also a Licensed Social Worker and works for a domestic violence program. Allison lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and band mate Trevor, who is the photographer – and major inspiration – for this blog.

Trevor is a musician and photographer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife Allison. He has been in a number of bands during his 20 years of playing, of which include The Long Hunt, Eighth Whale, Dusklight Trio, The Fixes, You Are The War That I Want, and IDORA- as well as solo projects released under his own name. As a photographer, Trevor has shot everything from live bands, to landscape and architecture, to portraits of people and animals. Find more of his photography and music at Trevor Richards Music & Photography.