Know Thyself

The idea for this blog was born out of selfishness: I wanted to understand myself better.

Photo by Trevor Richards

I’d say my mind is pretty busy and my feelings are pretty deep (I’m a Pisces, after all). Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about myself – who I am, what I believe, what I do (yada yada yada). Then I started thinking about how these things came to be.

I wondered: What has tempered my personality and sculpted my life? Myriad factors, no doubt; but one thing kept coming up – music.

I started to get really curious about how music affects me.

Of course, I value music. I am a musician, after all. But…

  • How did it all start? It’s a long story.
  • Is there any interplay with other facets of my identity? Oh yeah.
  • What does being introverted have to do with it? A lot, maybe.
  • A woman? Surely something.
  • Why did I choose bass? I have some theories.
  • Did music affect my decision to go into social work? You know what? I think so.
  • How does being a social worker affect my writing, playing, or performing? Hmm. 

The interplay started to overwhelm me, but it also intrigued me.

I started to think that there must be something about music and being a musician that integrally affects one’s life. Maybe music is the center spoke on a wheel that – for musical people – everything else revolves around (consciously or not). Maybe musical people see through a painted glass that colors all of their perceptions.


Now, I’m not saying that musicians are special. I reject the idea that anyone is special. Yet, I do think that there are things that make people unique and those are worth investigating for what they (and the exploration of them) can offer the world.

I know I’m not the only musician who is integrally affected by music and thinks about these connections. That thought transformed my selfish start into quiet questioning, and from there into a quest for connection. The belief that other musicians have the answers, or at least pieces of the puzzle, is empowering.

Music and matters of the mind – thoughts, ideas, and emotions – are among my most significant interests. I want to know more about how other musicians think about these things, too. There will be a lot of validating similarities and there will be some illuminating differences. All in all, a worthwhile and interesting endeavor. As a social worker, I’m always thinking about matters of the mind and am in a good position to offer support and resources around these matters.

I’m eager to learn more from other like-minded musicians and share what I learn through interviews, photographs, playlists, surveys, resources, and community. In the first few months, Of Music and Mind will focus on:

  • the intersection of music, musicianship, and depression
  • the connection between being a musician and a highly sensitive person
  • and the healing power of music

Check out new Of Music and Mind content on (most) Mondays.

Let’s get to know ourselves. Let me know what matters of the mind you’re most interested in learning more about by leaving a comment or contacting me.