MicroMusicMind: Birdsong

A lot can be said about birdsong, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. Research shows that listening to birdsong has many positive effects on our health.

Listening to birdsong (and nature sounds in general) can:

  • Increase our cognitive functioning
  • Increase our productivity
  • Increase our energy
  • Strengthen our focus
  • Decrease our stress levels
  • Improve our overall mental health
  • Provide a sense of calm and well-being

Do you know why?! Speaking in evolutionary terms, birdsong signals safety. When birds are singing, we feel (and our ancestors felt) safe. It means predators are far-off, the weather is calm, and food and water are plentiful. Birds are singing = all is well.

One of the best/easiest/cheapest thing you can do for your physical and mental wellness is: go outside, be in the woods, feel the sun and the breeze on your skin, and listen to the birds singing.

Check out these places for some good birdsong action:

If you’re stuck at a desk, try these ideas:

  • Stream birdsong at birdsong.fm (I like this)
  • Search “birdsong” on YouTube for about 1 million options

Try this one for two hours of birdsong:

For more info on this topic read:

Do you enjoy listening to birdsong (whether in nature or online)? How does it affect you? Do you have a good birdsong resource? If so, share it! Find more MicroMusicMind posts here.

Be well!

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