Making Meaning: Horehound on “The Dead Don’t Lie”

Today we’re Making Meaning with Shy Kennedy! Shy is the frontwoman for the stoner/doom band Horehound, the mastermind behind the experimental/soundscape project o Heiðrún, the founder of Blackseed Records, and the creator/organizer of the heavy music festival Descendants of Crom. Keep up to date with all of Shy’s artistic activities by following her projects on social media!

Horehound. Photo by Trevor Richards.

Let’s make some meaning…

Making Meaning: The Background

Horehound is a stoner/doom metal band based in Pittsburgh, PA. They formed in 2015 and released their debut, self-titled album in 2016. They are now signed to Hellmistress Records and just re-released their self-titled album (remastered with a bonus cover of Portishead’s “Mysterons” and available on CD or vinyl).

They plan to release their sophomore album soon! With fierce and impassioned live performances, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to catch them live!

Horehound is: Brendan Parrish (guitar), JD Dauer (drums), Nick Kopco (bass), and Shy Kennedy (vocals).

Horehound. Photo by Trevor Richards.

Horehound has a big weekend coming up. Catch them on Friday July 20th in Pittsburgh, PA at Cattivo with Bible of the Devil and Argus. See them again on Saturday July 21st in Wheeling, WV at River City with Demon Eye celebrating Brimstone Coven’s record release! To learn more about Horehound, listen to music, and find out about more shows visit them on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Making Meaning: The Song

Listen to the song “The Dead Don’t Lie” from Horehound’s self-titled album and learn what meaning Shy makes:


The lyrics to “The Dead Don’t Lie” were written by Shy Kennedy. The music is written and performed by Horehound. It was recorded and produced by Matt Schor at War Room.

Lyrics to “The Dead Don’t Lie”

What are these words / Crawling in my mouth / Glued to my tongue / Wanting to come out / An unfelt passion in me / An unke(m)pt dream it will stay / A touch of bliss / An unsensed / An unsensed

Truth be told / My truths are sought / To be ignored / Honesty is all I’ve got / An empty emotion inhaled / I beg you feed the hollow / An unsensed / An unsensed

The lion’s time is eager / To speak the truth / To show the way / Your lies drown in my eyes / In my eyes / An unfelt passion in you / Your dreams will fade away / Unsensed / You are unsensed

“…not only has their insincerity made you stronger, but it has made them weaker.” – Shy Kennedy on “The Dead Don’t Lie”

This song is about the promises you hold on to that were never sincere because those who made the promise were only trying to manipulate and use you. In the end, you come out on top and they were the ones who lose because not only has their insincerity made you stronger, but it has made them weaker. The phrases are playful and I even made up some words.

“These lyrics basically fell onto the pad as the pen went across the notebook lines.” – Shy Kennedy on “The Dead Don’t Lie”

Writing these words were some of the easiest work I’ve done. Sometimes you really have to think and craft something. These lyrics basically fell onto the pad as the pen went across the notebook lines. Part of this has to do with the highly emotional state and part of this is because honest thoughts become unveiled when no one is watching you. These lyrics were created separate from the music we composed in Horehound. I never knew they’d come to life one day. When the composition of what is now The Dead Don’t Lie came together, I remembered this piece and knew it was perfect.

“…when this song hits the stage, there is definitely a pulsing energy in the room.” – Shy Kennedy on “The Dead Don’t Lie”

The music behind it reflects the words so well. It’s heavy, simple, but not lethargic or lazy by any means. We recorded it just as it’s performed and it’s one of my favorite Horehound songs to perform because the band becomes very cohesive and sort of in the zone as the music and the beat is near-hypnotizing. As the music drones on the vocals get to soar up over, under, and through again. It’s a real, let go and get real type of sound. I am not sure if anyone delves into Horehound lyrics or how they are affected by them but when this song hits the stage, there is definitely a pulsing energy in the room. As harsh as the words might be, it’s somehow a real crowd pleaser. – Shy Kennedy of Horehound

Horehound. Photo by Trevor Richards.

Thanks to Shy for sharing the meaning she makes from their song! It’s so interesting to learn about the life of a song from its inception with pen and paper to its execution as a  crowd pleaser. Thank you for making meaning with us.

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