Making Meaning: Monte Luna on “6,000 Year March”

Today we’re Making Meaning with James Clarke! James is the guitarist, bassist, and vocalist for Monte Luna.

James Clarke of Monte Luna. Photo by Eric Bredthauer.

Let’s make some meaning…

Making Meaning: The Background

Monte Luna is an Austin, TX-based doom metal band with psychedelic and sludge influences. They met via Craigslist (classic, heh) when James posted an ad looking for a drummer influenced by Neurosis. Meanwhile, Phil was looking for a band, too. He typed “Neurosis” in the Craigslist search and the rest is history. They formed Monte Luna in 2015, self-released the EP “The Hound” in 2016, and then self-released their self-titled LP September 2017. This summer the LP was re-released on vinyl via Argonauta Records. In 2019 they plan to play festivals anywhere and everywhere. Look for them and do your best to see them live.

Here’s a cool interview with Monte Luna featured on The Sludgelord.

Monte Luna is: James Clarke (guitar, bass, vocals) and Phil Hook (drums, FX, synth).

James Clarke and Phil Hook of Monte Luna. Photo by Eric Bredthauer.

If you’re in the Austin, Texas area you can experience their live shows soon. They’re playing at The Lost Well with Woorms, Forebode, and Saintpeeler on October 6th. Keep up to date on all of their upcoming shows by following them on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Our band The Long Hunt had the pleasure of playing with Monte Luna back in May 2017 at Gooski’s in Pittsburgh, PA for a Blackseed Records event. Not only were they awesome live, but they were nice dudes. There’s a passion for Dungeons and Dragons there that is hard to come by these days.

Making Meaning: The Song

Listen to the song “6,000 Year March” from Monte Luna’s self-titled album and learn what meaning James makes:


Written and performed by James Clarke and Phil Hook. Recorded at Matador Studios. Produced by Monte Luna. Engineered by Tommy Munter. Mastered by Chris Fielding.

Lyrics to “6,000 Year March”

This 17+ minute song has a ton of instrumentation, groove, samples, and effects. It also has some intensely mythical lyrics. [One of my favorite combos.] Here’s a lyric video of the song so you can get the story along with the vibe.

James Speaks

This whole album is a concept album based on the idea that chaos and order cycle back and forth forever, that sometimes our perception of what is wrong and right isn’t always the truth. We can do more harm than the things we fear and do not understand.

“…chaos and order cycle back and forth forever…” – James Clarke

“6,000 Year March” tells the tale of the warriors, who after having their city decimated by the necromancer, went wandering through the desert for 6,000 years in search of the necromancer.

“Time is always folding in on itself.” – James Clarke

The lyrics convey the emotions going through the warriors’ minds, the adventures they encounter, and the doubt that begins to consume them as they realize they have been through this before. Time is always folding in on itself. – James Clarke of Monte Luna

Thanks to James for sharing the meaning he makes from their song! As a huge fantasy and heavy music fan, everything about this interview was interesting! Thank you for making meaning with us.

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