Making Meaning: Jakethehawk on “To Build A Fire” Album

We sat down with Pittsburgh, PA-based desert rock band Jakethehawk to talk about their new album To Build A FireThis is their sophomore release, and their first full-length album. It’s due out on November 10, 2018 on Blackseed Records.

To Build A Fire album art
Album art for To Build A Fire by Joe Mruk of Red Buffalo Illustration.

Trevor and I joined John, Justin, Jordan, and brand-new member Josh in their practice space for an interview and to capture some live practice footage. They’re a boisterous bunch – we had a good time!

Of Music and Mind / Jakethehawk
Trevor setting up equipment for our interview with Jakethehawk.

In this edition of Making Meaning, the band dives into the meaning they make from their entire album! Jakethehawk delves deeply into how this concept album was written and recorded, the album artwork, what they want people to get out of their music and live performances, what makes music heavy and much more. We also capture live practice footage of their songs “Recluse” and “Geotaxis.” Check it out – see what meaning Jakethehawk makes of their new album To Build A Fire!

We hope you enjoyed learning about the meaning Jakethehawk makes of their new album To Build A Fire. Be well.

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Jakethehawk Lucy
Lucy, a major inspiration to Jakethehawk (and also Justin’s and Jordan’s pup).