The Musician’s Zodiac: Gemini

Gemini, you’re a born communicator and adventurer.

Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury – the planet of communication and travel named for the ancient messenger of the gods. You’re curious, eloquent, and quick-witted: you’re ready for action.


Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air (social/intellectual)

Duality: Assertive/Yin/Masculine (extroverted)

Quality: Mutable (flexible/adaptable)

Ruling Planet: Mercury (ancient messenger of the gods; planet of communication and travel)

Best place to create: Anywhere you’ve never been, while traveling

Best colors for creativity: Yellow

Best day for creativity and performance: Wednesday

Best signs for bandmates: Sagittarius & Aquarius

Most helpful traits for the Gemini musician: Curiosity & Communication

Least helpful traits for the Gemini musician: Lack of Perseverance


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Quick facts about the Gemini musician! Original photo by Trevor Richards.


You’re as curious as they come, Gemini. You want to know everything; you want to experience everything. Your unquenchable thirst for knowledge and experience provides you with ample ideas and inspiration, and you have the intellectual capacity to quickly synthesize it all. Communication is a key factor in the life of a Gemini, so it’s easy for you to express your thoughts about what you’ve learned. Lyric writing comes naturally to you and is your preferred method of expression when it comes to music. Your curiosity leads you to try out new instruments and new styles on a regular basis. In fact, you cycle through your varied interests so quickly that it’s hard for you to really sink in and become adept at any single instrument or style. You get bored easily and are always looking for something new. Your challenge is to plant yourself in one spot and get really good at something before you move on to the next adventure. Practicing yoga and deep breathing may help to ground you enough to stay focused.


Solo projects are not for you: It’s too boring, there’s no one else to keep you on task, and you don’t like being alone. That’s not a problem! As a Gemini, you make an excellent bandmate. You’re fun to be around, love camaraderie, and are good at seeing both sides of a situation. While you are not inclined to lead the band, you must be a crucial component – and typically are. Gemini musicians will seek out bandmates who are strong-willed like themselves (Sagittarius and Aquarius are their best matches). The one downfall of the Gemini bandmate is that they often lack consistency and hate repetition and routine. Weekly practice? Playing the same song three times in a row? To a Gemini, that is torture. You need to be on the move – mentally and physically. No wonder you’re often in multiple musical projects at one time.


The flip side of all your curiosity and adventurousness is the tendency to feel nervous. This nervousness can be accentuated during vulnerable situations, such as during a performance when all eyes are on you. Luckily, you are adaptable, skilled, and responsive. Yoga and deep breathing exercises can help to calm your nervous energy – whether it’s related to performance or not. It can also help you to have a healthy respiratory system, which unfortunately is a weak spot for Gemini. As a performer, you will find that you are dexterous and can perform intricate parts with ease; however, Gemini are also prone to issues with their hands – so be careful to stay nimble. The best part of performance for a Gemini is playing shows in new places – venues, cities, states, countries. Travelling guards against routine and allows you to communicate with people from other places and learn more things. You also don’t have to stay very long, so you don’t get bored.


The business side of music – marketing, negotiating, managing – comes very naturally to you. You love to communicate, problem-solve, multi-task and are eager to use the latest technology to meet your goals. Gemini strengths lend themselves to responsibilities like managing artists, running a promotions company or record label, or handling the marketing for your own band. These roles allow you to use your communication skills (particularly writing and persuading), be social with other people, and keep mentally engaged. The only problem you may have in this arena is with your finances. It’s hard for Gemini to balance practicality and pleasure, so there’s a tendency to overspend. 


You’re sociable, fun, and flirtatious. You can chat with almost anyone, though you prefer people with strong-willed personalities and those who can keep up with your quick-wit and often sharp tongue (otherwise, you tend to get bored). People enjoy your humor and ability to make anything fun. You’re considered to be the life of the party! Your humor tends toward the sarcastic, though; and some people can see that as arrogant. Be careful of the temptation to gossip, as well; it may come back to bite you.


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