Making Meaning: Old Game on “Lunatics” Album

Trevor and I recently met up with Brenda Leeds and Thom Hunter of Pittsburgh’s rock ‘n’ roll band Old Game to talk about the meaning they make of their new album Lunatics!

Old Game Lunatics Cover
Art Design for Lunatics by Jess Tkach. Lunatics releases on 6/21/19!

We got all comfy in Brenda’s living room and delved deep into the meaning behind the name of the album, the songs on the album, and the album artwork. We also talked about the importance of a strong rhythm section, the process of refining and expanding songs, and the therapeutic benefits of a good recording engineer.  We went deep, but we also had some laughs! Finally, we had the pleasure of capturing a live acoustic performance of their song “Blue.”

Check it out – see what meaning Old Game makes of their new album Lunatics!

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