MAKING MEANING: Skeletonized on “Cannibal Cop”

Today we’re Making Meaning with Matt Rappa! Matt is an improvisational multi-instrumentalist for the band Skeletonized, and formerly for the bands Triangle and Rhino and Fantasy Crime.

Matt Rappa of Skeletonized
Matt Rappa of Skeletonized. Photo by Trevor Richards.

Let’s make some meaning…


Skeletonized is based in Pittsburgh, PA. People often have trouble describing their music. Notably, even the band’s social media pages list no genre; but Skeletonized has been described as noise rock, free jazz, experimental jazz, and even “intense, brilliant, and beyond recognition.” This is a case of you be the judge.

Matt formed Skeletonized in 2012 as a vehicle for self-improvement. He told Crucible Sound that the project “existed as a recording project for a few years, mainly as an opportunity to improve on my recording and mixing skills.” Since it’s inception, Skeletonized has morphed from a solo recording project into something else. In 2015, Matt started playing live solo shows. A few shows later saxophonist Luke Farkas joined as a writing and performing partner. Since then, aside from Matt Rappa and Luke Farkas, there has been a revolving lineup for recordings and live performances. This revolving lineup supports and pushes the chaotic, improvisational feel of the music.

Skeletonized has self-released 10 albums (digitally, on cassette, and on CD) since 2017. Most recently, they released Feast V2 (July 2019), a remix and rearrange of songs from We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us (April 2019).

Right now, Skeletonized is: Erik Cirelli (guitar, pedal noises), Luke Farkas (saxophone, pedal noises) and Matt Rappa (drums, vocals, synth, pedal noises). Additional musicians on recordings and/or live performances include (but may not be limited to!): Patrick Breiner, Brian DiSanto, Brian Hecht, Duane Hyde, Jake Lexso, Richard McKita, Eric Weidenhof, and Erik Yeschke.

Skeletonized. Photo by Trevor Richards.

Skeletonized loves playing mixed bill shows in and out of Pittsburgh. See Skeletonized perform live on August 13, 2019 at The Government Center (Pittsburgh, PA), September 6, 2019 at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls (Pittsburgh, PA), and September 15, 2019 at Basement Transmissions (Erie, PA). Keep up to date on all of their upcoming shows and news by following them on FacebookBandcamp, and YouTube.


Listen to the song “Cannibal Cop” from Skeletonized’s album We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us and learn what meaning Matt makes:


Skeletonized recorded this album in a few improvised sessions at their rehearsal space and mixed it at home in March 2019. Album artwork by Matt Rappa.

Matt Speaks

This was a fun recording. We recorded drums, vocals, synths, noise and sax in three improvised sessions. We were doing overdubs starting with the drums and building from there. It was a pretty free improvised recording, done with the intention of having a less musical, more aggressive and noisy finished product. – Matt Rappa of Skeletonized

Now listen to the remixed and rearranged version from Feast V2.


Thanks so much to Matt for sharing some information on their song. To me, the writing and recording process plays a huge role in the whole of the song, and can both create and illustrate some of the meaning behind it. Thank you for making meaning with us.

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