Music for You: Aesthetic Chills

Recently we talked about aesthetic chills – also known as frisson (French for “shiver”), musical chills, or (grossly, if you ask me) a skin orgasm.

We learned that aesthetic chills are caused primarily by violations of music expectancy, perceived emotional intensity, and/or memory-based emotional connection.

We also learned that people who experience chills while listening to music are likely to have brains that are wired differently than those who do not, more nerve fibers in their brains, more open to experience, and/or more intellectually connected to music.


Then I asked what songs give YOU aesthetic chills. Here are most of your answers! (And I’m sure there are more where that came from.) Thanks for sharing!

Music for You: Aesthetic Chills Playlist

60 songs, 5+ hours of songs that give Of Music and Mind creators and readers the chills. Take a listen and get chilled up!

Prefer YouTube playlists? We have many on our YouTube channel, and this one is coming soon! Find more Music for You here. Be well!