Making Meaning: Black Sire on “Horn of Samael”

Today we’re Making Meaning with Adam & Cyrus of Black Sire!

Band members standing in front of stone structure.
Black Sire. Photo by Evan Davell.

Let’s make some meaning…


Black Sire is a three-piece proto-doom band from Dayton, OH. They formed in 2016, releasing their demo in May 2018. (When I heard the instrumental “Phlegethon” I was an instant fan.) In September 2019 they released their self-titled album. Black Sire’s newest offering is the two-song single Unmarked Grave (July 2021). This band embraces a true DIY ethos with members putting their particular skills to good use. Bassist/vocalist Adam does all of their visual artwork (check out some cool show flyers, album art, and more here) and guitarist/vocalist Cyrus records and produces all of their music.

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Band members performing on stage.
Black Sire at Buzzbin.

Black Sire is: Adam Eckley (bass & vocals), Cyrus Stork (guitar & vocals), Joe Stork (drums).


Listen to the song “Horn of Samael” from Black Sire’s self-titled album and learn what meaning Adam + Cyrus make:

“Horn of Samael” is arranged and performed by Black Sire. Lyrics by Adam Eckley. All of the songs on Black Sire were recorded and produced by Cyrus Stork. Black Sire was released September 2019.

Lyrics to “Horn of Samael”

When the icecaps go the way of the dinosaur, and we’re left with no options here to explore. When Mankind seeks refuge in another place. Only to become servants to an ancient reptile race.

When the sun burns too hot for the trees to grow, and the wind is filled with screams and the ashes fall like snow. When the hourglass is turned for its final pour, the Horn of Samael will sound forever more.

Wormwood come. Apsinthion. Wormwood come. Apsinthion.

Adam + Cyrus Speak

Band members performing on stage.
Adam (right) and Cyrus (left) of Black Sire at Blind Bob’s.

ADAM: Samael represents the angel or an angel of death“The poison or severity of god.”

This makes sense in terms of an environmental relationship that man has with the earth. In the hermetic teachings, the two pillars of reality are of mercy and severity. As humans become more and more out of balance with the nature they sprang from, they face the allegorical angel of severity.

“The ‘Horn of Samael’ is about the inevitable cataclysm event that will happen due to man’s lack of care for his own garden. Man is a poor housekeeper and will eventually poison himself from the abundance of ammonia that fills the house from his own waste.”

Adam Eckley of Black Sire on “Horn of Samael”

The first stanza relates to the idea that common Mankind, through desperation, will ultimately end up as indentured servants to the parts of society that are without empathy or compassion. More of a figurative reptile if anything.

The second stanza calls attention to the beginning of a Necrocene, which is the massive die off of plants, animals and the collapse of human civilization.

Wormwood/Apsinthion is another ecclesiastical reference to a negative Angel, this one though represents the poisoning or embitterment of the majority of Earth’s water rendering it undrinkable.

CYRUS: “Horn of Samael” is about humanity destroying the planet. Samael often appears in literature as the angel who brought the poison of death into the world.

ADAM: Also, a disclaimer, we are in no way religious zealots. Reference to any scripture is merely here for allegorical value in terms of using a tool that many use as a crutch for a sanctimonious and selfish lifestyle.

Thanks so much to Adam & Cyrus for sharing the allegorical meaning behind their song. One of the many gifts of music and literature is their ability to connect us, here and now, with both the past and potential future. Thank you for making meaning with us.

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