MAKING MEANING DOC IV: Makeshift Urn on “The Great Attractor”

Today we’re Making Meaning with Joe Hrehocik of Makeshift Urn!

Makeshift Urn. Left to right: Derek Adams, Joe Hrehocik, John Hrehocik. Not pictured: Chris Gerber.

Let’s make some meaning …

Making Meaning: The Background

Makeshift Urn is a sludge / post-metal band from the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Between 2011 and 2017 the three founding members of the band (Joe, John, and Chris) wrote their self-titled EP. They played their first show in 2017. Since then, they’ve added a member (Derek) and released Makeshift Urn (self-released, 2019). The four-piece is focusing on playing live shows and working on a new album.

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See them at Descendants of Crom IV on Friday, June 3 at 7:45 PM! They’re kicking off this heavy underground music festival!

Makeshift Urn, live at Gooski’s in 2019. Left to right: John Hrehocik, Joe Hrehocik, Chris Gerber. Not pictured: Derek Adams.

Makeshift Urn is: Joe Hrehocik (drums), John Hrehocik (guitars), Chris Gerber (synths, vocals), Derek Adams (bass, vocals).

Making Meaning: The Song

Listen to the song “The Great Attractor” from Makeshift Urn’s self-titled 2019 debut album and learn what meaning Joe makes:

“The Great Attractor” was written and arranged by Joe Hrehocik and John Hrehocik. Lyrics and vocals by Chris Gerber. All of the songs on Makeshift Urn were recorded and produced by John Stoecker at Razorblade Recordings in West Mifflin, PA. It was released November 2019.

Lyrics to “The Great Attractor”

Born in stars / The void surrounds me / Here, spared from the light

We decay / But she is ageless / A god / Spread through time

Life stretches on / And without limit / Fear or guilt / But lacking meaning / We resist / Yet long to see / Our whole being / Razed to the ground

The vast expanse / Devours all / And death beyond worlds / Is the only truth left

We don’t deserve to be / The authors of our future / We don’t deserve to be / Permanent

Joe Speaks

Brothers John (left) and Joe (right) Hrehocik of Makeshift Urn at April 2022 show at Cattivo.

“The Great Attractor” is my personal favorite of all our songs. I really wanted to craft a song that was unrelenting, yet, very emotive to the listener. I feel that this one achieves that.

It starts out wide open, slows down to a grind and closes on a somber kind of urgency. There are ups and downs, just like in life, so it’s relatable. I also really like Chris’ lyrics. My favorite are the closing “We don’t deserve to be the authors of our future. We don’t deserve to be permanent.” He placed those words perfectly to compliment the end of that song.

This song means a lot to me and I hope listeners can take something away from it so it can be personal for them too.

Thanks so much to Joe for sharing some insights into Makeshift Urn’s song “The Great Attractor.” Both Joe and Shy Kennedy, creator & organizer of Descendants of Crom, chose this song for their heavy picks. Check out more DOC IV Heavy Picks here and here. Thank you for making meaning with us.

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