The Musician’s Zodiac: Pisces

Pisces, you’re a natural-born musician.

Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune – the planet of illusion, creativity, and inspiration. Often, Pisces show an inclination for music at an early age.

Pisces Basics

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Symbol: Two Fish

Element: Water (intuitive/emotional)

Duality: Passive/Yang/Feminine (introverted)

Quality: Mutable (flexible/adaptable)

Ruling Planet: Neptune (Ancient god of the sea; planet of illusion)

Best place to create: Near water (lake, river, fish tank, fountain)

Best colors for creativity: Aquamarine, pale green, turquoise

Best day for creativity and performance: Friday

Best signs for bandmates: Virgo & Taurus

Most helpful traits for the Pisces musician: Creativity & Emotional Expression

Least helpful traits for the Pisces musician: Tendency for Addiction & Procrastination

The Pisces Musician: The Musical Mystic

The Musician's Zodiac: Pisces
Quick facts about the Pisces musician!

Pisces as Creator

You’re artistic, intuitive, and musical. You have a rich inner-life and are prone to fantasy. Dreams or reality? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. You have an exceptional capacity for empathy and emotional expression. Your thoughts and values tend towards the spiritual plane; therefore, music is not so much about entertainment for you as it is about emotional expression and spirituality. All of this inner-richness can lead to rich works of art; or it can lead to stagnation. Your capacity for empathy and tendency towards escapism can lead to melancholy, procrastination, addiction, self-destructive behaviors, and anxiety. When you start to go down this negative road, center yourself with the soothing sounds of water, soaking your feet in a hot bath, or experimenting with different artistic media.

Pisces as Bandmate

Your compassion, gentleness, and wisdom can make you a great bandmate (though you’re especially compatible with Virgo and Taurus bandmates). You respond best to encouragement and, when needed, gentle critical feedback. You’re friendly, reliable, and easy to get along with. Thanks to your intuition and empathy, you’re often able to sense tensions before they turn into discord and effectively resolve problems among your bandmates. Watch out, though! You can easily fall into the “victim” or “martyr” role. Be careful of this. Though highly mutable, Pisces need to be able to stand their ground. While you don’t necessarily feel comfortable being a leader, you do feel comfortable as part of a team and enjoy guiding and teaching others. Encouragement from bandmates leads you to share great ideas.

Pisces as Performer

Your sensitivity can make it difficult for you as a performer. While modest in most of your accomplishments, you are confident in your musical abilities. You don’t like being criticized, and your response to harsh critical feedback is self-directed and often extreme. This can make it hard to perform for others, to be on a stage, or to be in the public eye. When you are able to overcome that fear, you enjoy performing, as it allows you to slip into an alternate reality and reach a spiritual height. You are fluid and mutable. It’s easy for you to flow with – and get lost in – the music. Musical performance showcases your connection with the water element.

Pisces in the Music Business

You desire to escape reality through fantasy; you have a rich inner-life. While this is helpful in the creativity side of music, it can be a liability on the business side. You are hardworking and reliable, yet you have a proclivity towards sadness, procrastination, lethargy, and anxiety which can keep you from reaching your goals in the music business. Be aware of this and do your best to maintain motivation! Know that money is not a key motivator for you. You’re motivated by emotional expression and spiritual values; you may need to refocus on this if you find you’re losing traction. If you can use your creativity and do something good for others while having enough money to survive, you’ll be satisfied.

Pisces in the Music Scene

You’re flexible and adaptive. Your rich inner life, full of fantasy and daydream, makes you prone to quietness. People either find you to be intriguing and mysterious, or boring and reticent. What’s the truth? Probably both. Be cautious around drugs and alcohol, as you’re prone to escapism and overindulgence. Be wary, too, of people who may want to take advantage of your gentle nature. Though adaptive, Pisces are no pushovers. The desire to help others and to empathize with them makes you a good person to know.

Famous Pisces in Music

There are tons of notable Pisces in music. Check out the ultimate list for more!

Famous Pisces in Music

Hey, I’m no astrologist! I don’t know much about astrology. I don’t know what truth – if any – astrology holds. However, I’m intrigued by this kind of fantastical, mystical thing (I’m a Pisces, after all)! Take this for what it’s worth: I read through a bunch of astrology content related to each sign, compiled what I thought was relevant to music, creativity, and the music business, and created this content! I hope it’s entertaining or even helpful! Be well!


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