The Musician’s Zodiac: Taurus

Taurus, you’re geared for success thanks to your artistic vision and tenacious determination.

Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus – the planet of beauty, arts, and pleasure. They love creating and experiencing music for its luxurious, sensual quality.


Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Element: Earth (practical/stable)

Duality: Passive/Yang/Feminine (introverted)

Quality: Fixed (focus/determined)

Ruling Planet: Venus (Roman goddess of beauty and arts; planet of luxury and exceptional creative ability)

Symbol: The Bull: Strong, stubborn, plodding, can be both fierce and gentle.

Best place to create: In the lap of luxury (eating fine foods, clothed in high-quality materials, surrounded by beautiful art)

Best colors for creativity: Pale blue or mauve

Best day for creativity and performance: Friday

Best signs for bandmates: Scorpio & Cancer

Most helpful traits for the Taurus musician: Tenacity & Relentless Drive

Least helpful traits for the Taurus musician: Tendency for Stagnation & Possessiveness


The Musician's Zodiac: Taurus
Quick Facts about the Taurus musician!


You have the gift of creativity, Taurus. You require beauty in your life in the forms of music, color, design, and sensation. You enjoy beauty and your creative nature thrives in these conditions. In fact, the biggest reward you reap from your creativity is the beauty that you create – you want to listen to your own music, you want to see your own art. Your creations tend towards the soothing, comforting, and pleasant side. You have a tender nature and this often comes out in your music. As a creator, you are slow, steady, and resolute; patience and diligence are natural to you. It’s easy for you to work on a piece for hours on end, or to stay involved in the same project for years. This tenacity and firmness of mind leads to plentiful harvests, as you usually reach your goals. In the meantime, your art can sometimes become dull. Though Taurus do not like change, do your best to try something new – a new instrument, a new style, or even a new practice space – from time to time to ward off stagnation.


Reliability, dependability, and commitment make the Taurus musician an ideal bandmate. You demonstrate patience and practicality with yourself and others in your group, steadily plodding along towards the goal at hand. It’s likely that your bandmates are friends you’ve had for a long time, maybe even since childhood (and they’re likely Scorpio or Cancer since you get along best with these signs). You value harmony, sometimes to your detriment. If your bandmates’ approach differs from yours, it tends to cause you unease and anxiety. In these cases, you’re often silent on the matter for a time – concealing feelings of discontent or rivalry – until, like a charging bull, you strongly voice your opinion. The anger won’t last long, though. You prefer things to be calm and quiet, and as long as someone isn’t criticizing you, you can typically keep your cool.


Performance can be challenging for you, Taurus. You dislike criticism and feelings of insecurity: both of which come with the territory of performance. You prefer being safe at home, surrounded by your collection of lavish material goods. In fact, if you could perform at home entertaining your closest friends and family, you’d be perfectly content. Your performances tend to be quiet and conservative unless you really push yourself to go outside of your comfort zone. A good performance with positive feedback is one of the rewards you seek. The body part that Taurus rules is the neck and throat. Because of this, Taurus tend to have beautiful speaking and singing voices. But watch out! You’re also prone to colds, laryngitis, sore throats, and thyroid issues. Exercises and meditations that focus on the throat chakra can be helpful.


The business aspects of the music industry are easy for you. You’re practical, responsible, and prudent with finances. You love wealth and riches (of the senses and actual money) and you work diligently and craftily to earn it. To you, a motivating force of being a musician is to make money so that you can live a satisfying and luxurious life. Your perseverance tends to pay off. People appreciate your organized way of thinking about business and finances and often go to you for advice on these matters.


People really like your down-to-earth nature. You’re creative, but you’re not a dreamer: you enjoy the luxurious, tangible things in life. You prefer to have a few close friends, and you stick with them for life. In social circles, you’re quite closed off until you have a reason to trust others. In your best moments, you’re quiet and gracious, encouraging, and inspiring. In your worst moments, you’re possessive, hiding feelings of envy or rivalry, and explosive. For the most part, though, people trust you as someone with refined tastes and your opinions on all things music- and art-related are welcomed. Though you’d rather stay at home and listen to your record collection, you truly enjoy going out and experiencing a beautiful performance. You love beauty, after all.


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