The Musician’s Zodiac: Cancer

Cancer, you’re full of contradictions. Like the crab, your armor is hard, but your underbelly is soft and much more vulnerable than you’d like to admit.

People born under the sign of Cancer are ruled by the Moon – Earth’s one satellite that governs the tides. In astrology, the Moon rules emotions and intuitive behavior.


Cancer: June 21 — July 22

Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water (intuitive/emotional)

Duality: Passive/Yang/Feminine (introverted)

Quality: Cardinal (efficacious/self-starter)

Ruling Planet: Moon (Earth’s one satellite with a powerful magnetic force; governs emotions and intuitive behavior)

Best place to create: Home (whatever “home” means to you)

Best colors for creativity: Sea green, silver

Best day for creativity and performance: Monday

Best signs for bandmates: Capricorn & Taurus

Most helpful traits for the Cancer musician: Loyalty, & Financial Sense

Least helpful traits for the Cancer musician: Moodiness & Distrust


The Musician's Zodiac: Cancer


You’re creative, highly imaginative, emotional, and sensitive. It’s not hard for you to think of ideas. You like art and craftsmanship, so it’s no surprise that you enjoy being a musician. The problem you have is not trusting yourself or others in the creative process. You hesitate to reveal too much of your personal life or your inner workings through your art. You tend to write about the esoteric or tell stories about “other people” instead of yourself. Staying “inside your shell” in this regard feels like a protection, but it may be keeping you from achieving your goals. Consider how the crab walks sideways to its destination – is there a more direct way? When you feel like you’re not creating at the level – quantity or quality – you desire, you get moody. Here’s your creativity challenge: trust yourself to create authentically, and trust others to accept what you have to offer.


People born under the sign of Cancer love family and home. For you, your bandmates are both. Your bandmates are your brothers and sisters and they represent a sense of home – the place where you feel safest to create and explore ideas. Cancers are exceptionally loyal to their friends and family. You’ll do anything to protect and support them; and even past bandmates hold a special place in your heart and life. You cherish the memories and music you made with them, and consider them part of your family still. Cancers make great bandmates to almost anyone, but get along particularly well with those who are strong-willed, like those born under the signs of Capricorn and Taurus. With bandmates, again, you need to check your crabbiness (read: moodiness). You’re quick to avoid conflict, but when it can’t be avoided you tend to sulk, complain, and indulge in self-pity. Be aware of this, and be careful not to use your positive trait of kindness as a form of manipulation to get what you want. Remember, walk straight towards your goal instead of sideways towards it.


As a performer, you want to achieve approval and accolades; the contradiction is that you hate yourself for wanting it. Cancers have two options as performers: Go at it with all you’ve got, or hide in your shell and retreat. To be a great performer, you’ve got to take the first option. This can be hard for you due to your hypersensitivity. Trust your bandmates to support and encourage you and do your best to overcome your extreme touchiness – if you do that, you will be a successful performer. Use your love of physical, intramural activities to your benefit and put on an exciting, invigorating show. Just be careful: Cancer rules the stomach and you’re prone to digestive upsets caused by stress. This puts quite the damper on a high-octane performance. Choose soothing food and drinks before and after a performance.


Tenacity and resourcefulness help you in the music business, Cancer. You’re persuasive, hard to deceive, and willing to do what needs to be done. Your tendency towards pessimism and suspicion are assets for you in this area, if a healthy balance is maintained. Because Cancers love security and holding on to things, you’re good at financial management. It’s easy for you to earn money and you enjoy saving and investing it. Be careful: Cancers often fall victim to theft. Keep your eyes on the goal (and your gear).


If your bandmates are your brothers and sisters, then the music scene is full of your fun-loving cousins. It’s a family reunion, y’all! Cancers can be hard to get to know – you don’t like to share your personal life with many people; but in the music scene that doesn’t necessarily matter. Can you share your love of music? Can you share records (you’ve got a huge collection) and swap tour stories? Can you get a group together to eat and drink and talk about upcoming shows? Then you’re happy. You’re able to nurture the people that you care about by sharing music and food – this supports your nurturing personality and your tendency towards holding on to things (people, stories, artifacts, etc.). You love roots and you love growing them. You’re patriotic at heart, and you’re happy to wave your music scene’s flag! Some people will view you as cliquish or unapproachable for this, though, so be aware of it.


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Hey, I’m no astrologist! I don’t know much about astrology. I don’t know what truth – if any – astrology holds. However, I’m intrigued by this kind of fantastical, mystical thing (I’m a Pisces, after all)! Take this for what it’s worth: I read through a bunch of astrology content related to each sign, compiled what I thought was relevant to music, creativity, and the music business, and created this content! I hope it’s entertaining or even helpful! Be well!


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