The Musician’s Zodiac: Leo

Leo, you’re a natural leader and fiercely loyal.
Like the lion, you are proud, dominant, and confident … when you’re not lazing around. People born under the sign of Leo are ruled by the Sun – our solar system’s intense and life-giving center. In astrology, the Sun rules the ego and personality.


Leo: July 23 — August 22

Symbol: The Lion

Element: Fire (vital/intense)

Duality: Assertive/Yin/Masculine (extroverted)

Quality: Fixed (focused/determined)

Ruling Planet: Sun (The center of our solar system; a star burning with intensity and supplying energy; most powerful planetary influence, bestowing vitality and authority)

Best place to create: Your Palace (wherever that may be for you)

Best colors for creativity: Gold, yellow, orange

Best day for creativity and performance: Sunday

Best signs for bandmates: Aquarius & Gemini

Most helpful traits for the Leo musician: Confidence & Exuberance

Least helpful traits for the Leo musician: Arrogance & Indolence


The Musician's Zodiac_ Leo
Quick facts about the Leo Musician!


You’re idealistic, expansive, and creative. Creative endeavors are a critical medium for the open expression of your artistic talent. You use creativity in your search of self-awareness and growth of ego. Leos are ruled by The Lion, and nobility and majesty come naturally to them. To be happy, you must possess a Kingdom; and for you, your Kingdom is your creative work. Ambitious, you have no trouble seeing projects through to completion. You do what you fear to do, and you do it well. Anything less is considered a failure in your proud eyes. What can get you, though, is your hatred for the ordinary, the routine, and the dull. If you feel that you are getting into a creative rut, harness your energy and shake things up for yourself a bit, lest you fall into artistic sleep.


Leos are natural-born leaders, and they love being the boss – their own boss, or managing the work of others. Uniting others under a cause or goal is invigorating to you, and so is being in the limelight. For these reasons, you prefer to collaborate with others rather than be on your own. What’s hard is finding others who can keep up with your energy. Good choices for bandmates and collaborators include those born under the signs of Aquarius and Gemini. Regardless, your bandmates will easily love you thanks to your healthy sense of humor, generosity, loyalty, cheerfulness, and fun-loving attitude. Be cautious though. You have a dominant personality and it’s easy for you to be dogmatic, autocratic, and overbearing. Bandmates won’t like that as much. In band relations, you’re quick to strike back when angered, but you forgive easily. Your loyalty is fierce.


You have no qualms about wanting – no, needing! – to be in the limelight and the center of attention. Your ego demands adoration more than respect and flattery more than compliments. While you’re too proud to ask for appreciation, you rarely question the sincerity of the appreciation you do get. You’re in love with life – all it’s pleasures, fun, and drama – and performing allows you to emanate this. A natural-born performer, you are magnetic, powerful, and athletic. Performance is the lifeblood of any Leo musician, even those that may be seemingly shy. Leos enjoy wearing bright colors (or even costumes), designing elaborate sets, and adding theatrical elements to their show. The heart and back are ruled by Leo, so you’re prone to back problems when under emotional or physical strain. Deep breathing and stretching before and after performances can help with this. Leos, you thrive in the limelight.


Endless energy, ambition, and the ability to solve problems help you in the music business. Leos, you like to be in charge and it comes easily to you. When entering a business discussion, others find your demands hard to resist thanks to your warmth, cheer, and friendliness. That’s good, because you’re not good at bargaining or negotiating: you know what you want and are not willing to budge. You know you can achieve anything because you’re willing to put the work in, and this confidence and work ethic gets you far in the music business. On the other hand, be careful not to neglect others’ needs for your own personal gain or status. This arrogance will push people away and make you an easy target for negativity. Similarly, while it’s easy for you to make money, it’s just as easy for you to spend it on your regal, rich lifestyle.


Your creative work may be your Kingdom; but indeed, the music scene is your Royal Court. You consider yourself the ruler of the scene, and most see you that way. The confidence, warmth, and passion of Leos creates a magnetism for many that is hard to resist. But remember, Royal Courts will always have their dissenters! Some will be put off by your king-size ego, believing you are always performing and never sincere, or merely talking a big game. Regardless, you have many friends and admirers and you relish this. You have a regal quality and you stand out in a crowd. Uniting different groups of people and appealing to the masses is easy and fun for Leos, and these traits are put to great use when hosting celebrations and events in the music scene.


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Hey, I’m no astrologist! I don’t know much about astrology. I don’t know what truth – if any – astrology holds. However, I’m intrigued by this kind of fantastical, mystical thing (I’m a Pisces, after all)! Take this for what it’s worth: I read through a bunch of astrology content related to each sign, compiled what I thought was relevant to music, creativity, and the music business, and created this content! I hope it’s entertaining or even helpful! Be well!


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