The Musician’s Zodiac: Virgo

Virgo, you’re exceptionally conscientious and want to do good for others.
Virgos are represented by The Virgin, one which has purity of purpose: to be of use to others. People born under the sign of Virgo are skilled communicators, highly industrious, and exacting in all they do as they are ruled by Mercury, the ancient god of communication and commerce.


Virgo: August 23 — September 22

Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth (practical/stable)

Duality: Passive/Yang/Feminine (introverted)

Quality: Mutable (flexible/adaptable)

Ruling Planet: Mercury (Ancient god of communication and commerce; in astrology, Mercury rules intelligence and reason, and predisposes one to being highstrung)

Best place to create: Somewhere that is clean, neat, and organized

Best colors for creativity: Grey and pale yellow

Best day for creativity and performance: Wednesday

Best signs for bandmates: Pisces & Cancer

Most helpful traits for the Virgo musician: Conscientious & Organized

Least helpful traits for the Virgo musician: Uptight & Hypercritical


The Musician's Zodiac: Virgo
Quick facts about the Virgo Musician!


Your creative expression is perceived as reserved. It’s not that you can’t express yourself; on the contrary, you’re a skilled communicator. It’s just that you won’t accept your feelings as valid or true when opposed to reason. Logic and reason are more important to you in your creative life than emotion. For this reason, you enjoy the science of music more than the art. You’re likely to be a skilled instrumentalist (free form is not necessarily up your alley, though – too much room for interpretation). You’re good with your hands, methodical, and take painstaking efforts to reach perfection. Virgos are hardworking – so hardworking that they often deny themselves the pleasure of fun. You tend to get caught up and buried in the details, which can make your creative process slow; but what you do create is sure to be a masterpiece (though you won’t think so, since you are hypercritical of yourself). Do you best to not become overwhelmed with the details and need for perfection. Downtime is critical to Virgos. Taking time to be by yourself and recharge will allow you to get back to your quest for perfection sooner.


Virgos make excellent bandmates. You’re loyal, kind, reliable, and hardworking. Your bandmates look up to you and depend on you thanks to your strong character and ability to give excellent advice. The role of caretaker in the band dynamic suits you. You are rather shy and aren’t comfortable being the center of attention, but you do know what is best and how to make it happen. No detail is too small for you to consider (or obsess over), so your bandmates pass all ideas by you and look to you for a final decision. They trust you and your decision-making, and you relish this role. Of course, you can be taken advantage of if you’re not careful. Your organization and cleanliness often lead to others expecting that you’ll take care of everything and clean up every mess (physical or otherwise). It’s easy for you to lose respect for anyone not willing to work hard. Be careful. You’re harder on yourself than you are on others, but your exacting and demanding nature can lead others to feel criticized and controlled.


Virgos are shy and reserved, and taking center stage feels uncomfortable (even if you might be good at it). Your modesty allows you to let others shine (and your bandmates probably appreciate that), but your shyness can really prevent you from enjoying your performance. If you have to be on stage, you’ll do your best to hide behind your bandmates, your stage personal, or your masterful chops. Though you’re a skilled communicator, you’d rather let the music do the talking. Virgos are often seen as uptight, so do your best to let loose a little on stage – just be careful not to overindulge in alcohol or other substances as a way to lighten up. Virgos are also prone to self-destructive behaviors and stomach upsets. If you’re nervous before a performance, ground yourself with soothing colors like grey and pale yellow and think rationally about why you shouldn’t be nervous. Something that makes performing seem worthwhile to you is when it is in service to others – benefit shows are a good example of this.


Virgos demonstrate the utmost care and attention to even the smallest details. Pair this with the desire to care for others, and you’ve got yourself a great band manager. You’re resourceful, analytic, organized, good at paperwork, and careful with money. People look to you for sound advice, and you consistently give it. You’re a keen problem-solver thanks to your analytical skills, but you also seek out problems thanks to your cynicism. Virgos are worrywarts, so be cautious to not look for problems where they don’t exist. Use your skills to do well in business instead of letting them create a burden for you.


You’re witty, tender, perceptive, and charming…but most people don’t know it because you’re so closed off. It’s hard for you to make small talk or let loose with strangers. With your close friends and bandmates, it’s a different story. You prefer one-on-one interactions and excel in this form of communication. While your family, friends, and bandmates lean on you and trust you thanks to your skills, acquaintances tend to feel annoyed by you. To them you seem preachy, self-pitying, uptight, and overbearing. This is disappointing to you as a perfectionist and can cause you to pull away even more. In worst cases, it can lead you to turn to substance abuse and extreme criticism. You thrive in situations where you can be with those you care about, take care of them, and be your highly conscientious self. There are people out there who will appreciate it, so focus on them!


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