For this Special DOC III Edition of Making Meaning, we’re talking with Andy Beresky of Black Pyramid!

Catch Black Pyramid at Descendants of Crom III on Sunday 9.22.19 at Cattivo! Get tickets here.

Unfortunately, Black Pyramid had to drop off!

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Let’s make some meaning…


Black Pyramid plays heavy music, drawing on elements of Stoner, Doom, Metal, Psych, and Progressive Rock to get what they call psychedelic war metal! They’re from Northampton, Massachusetts.

Making music since 2007, Black Pyramid has released 3 full-length albums and several other offerings.  Adversarial, their latest full-length, was released in 2013. They’re on tour throughout Europe in October 2019!

Andy is also the guitarist/vocalist for the psychedelic Palace in Thunderland. They just released The King of the Empty Aeon in February 2019.

Black Pyramid is: Eric Beaudry (bass), Andy Beresky (guitar, vocals), and Andy Kivela (drums).

Black Pyramid
Black Pyramid

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Listen to the song “Mirror Messiah” from Black Pyramid’s self-titled album and learn what meaning Andy makes:


“Mirror Messiah” features Andy Beresky on Guitar/Vocals, Clay Neely on Drums, Gein on Bass. It was written by Andy and Clay, recorded at Black Coffee Sound, and produced by Black Pyramid.

Andy Speaks

Well, it’s a song that’s about how people are often duped by false leaders and fake prophets who claim they have the answers and can save everyone, though will ultimately just lead them to their destruction. I picked this song because it’s fairly relevant to our current political situation, where the U.S. is being run by a corrupt, incompetent, cowardly and weak president, yet some people falsely think that he’s the answer to all their prayers. Obviously this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as he’s destroying our nation and making our country look like the biggest fools and idiots on the planet. Yet some people will continue to cheer him on and will continue to act against their own best interests, because people for some odd reason like to follow the types of Mirror Messiahs described in the song, even if it means their own enthrallment and ultimate destruction.

“…because people for some odd reason like to follow the types of Mirror Messiahs described in the song, even if it means their own enthrallment and ultimate destruction.” – Andy Beresky of Black Pyramid on their song “Mirror Messiahs”

Of course you’re going to get some ding dongs who read this and say to themselves, or even to others, “metal isn’t supposed to be about politics.” And let’s be real here, that’s a bunch of bullshit, right? That’s just another lie that some people are able to tell themselves. If you really think that metal and heavy music shouldn’t be about politics, then you’ve obviously never heard Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”, Metallica’s “And Justice For All” or any of the countless other metal albums that were incredibly political in their messaging.


We talked to Andy about playing at Descendants of Crom III. The Third Annual Descendants of Crom heavy music festival takes place in Pittsburgh, PA September 20 – 22, 2019.

Descendants of Crom III Updated Flyer
Descendants of Crom III Updated Flyer. ASG had to drop off, and The Obsessed have been added.

How do you feel about playing DOC III?

We’re pretty stoked. There are a lot of great bands and Pittsburgh is a cool place. Shy throws a killer party.

What can the audience expect from your performance?

It’ll be raw, dark, loud, sloppy, uncompromising, and passionately emotional.

What other bands are you excited to see perform?

Valkyrie, Solace, Argus.

What else do you want readers to know?

Peace through superior volume.

Thanks so much to Andy of Black Pyramid for talking with us about their song “Mirror Messiah” and Descendants of Crom III! We hope this adds to your experience of their band, their song, and their performance. Thanks for making meaning with us.

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