For this Special DOC III Edition of Making Meaning, we’re talking with Christopher Tritschler of Old Dream!

Catch Old Dream at Descendants of Crom III on Saturday 9.21.19 at Cattivo! Get tickets here.

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Let’s make some meaning…


Old Dream is a solo artist who performs one-off, half written, half improvised songs. If pressed to choose a genre, you might say Experimental. Old Dream is from Pittsburgh, PA.

Writing and performing as Old Dream since 2015, Christopher has several tracks available for streaming. The aesthetic of this project is that pieces are played once live, and then never again (and sometimes recorded).

Christopher also plays guitar in Lady Beast. He has started another new band (yet to be named), as well.

Old Dream is: Christopher Tritschler (guitars, loops, samples, etc.).

Old Dream
Old Dream

Keep up-to-date with Old Dream on Facebook and SoundCloud.


Listen to a “song” from Old Dream and learn what meaning Christopher makes:

This is the most recently recorded song from Old Dream, but Christopher is talking about his creative process generally, not this specific song.

Christopher Speaks

I don’t really have names for the “songs.”

Basically, when I play, it’s just me doing looped guitar parts, playing some samples through my guitar. Musically, nothing is pre-recorded. When I have a show, I write a piece (usually 3 parts) for that performance. It’s kind of half written and half made up live as I play. After that show, I don’t play it again. Sometimes I’ll record a version at home and put it up online for people to listen to. With this project, I’m trying to explore some aspects of playing music that don’t happen as much (other than jamming or rehearsing) in a traditional band situation. -Improvisation, temporariness, experimentation. There’s potential for awesome things to happen, or total catastrophic failure.

“With this project, I’m trying to explore some aspects of playing music that don’t happen as much…in a traditional band situation.” – Christopher Tritschler of Old Dream on his “songs”

I’m just trying to create something that exists for a moment in time. Hopefully people dig it.


We talked to Christopher about playing at Descendants of Crom III. The Third Annual Descendants of Crom heavy music festival takes place in Pittsburgh, PA September 20 – 22, 2019.

Descendants of Crom III Updated Flyer
Descendants of Crom III Updated Flyer. ASG had to drop off, and The Obsessed have been added.

How do you feel about playing DOC III?

I’m stoked. My band (Lady Beast) played the first one. Shy is so great to work with. The whole thing just has a really awesome vibe. Bands are cool, the crowd is great. It’s going to be fun.

What can the audience expect from your performance?

Some guy standing in front of an amp, trying to not f*ck up. Haha. Really though, I hope to play something cool that people haven’t heard before. I’m up first, or very very early in the sets.

What other bands are you excited to see perform?

Valkyrie, Argus, Brimstone Coven.

What else do you want readers to know?

I just want to encourage people to continue supporting things like DOC, have fun, be rad to each other. Support local music as much as you can.

Thanks so much to Christopher of Old Dream for talking with us about a “song” and Descendants of Crom III! We hope this adds to your experience of their band, their song, and their performance. Thanks for making meaning with us.

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