For this Special DOC III Edition of Making Meaning, we’re talking with Louis Snyder of Riparian!

Catch Riparian at Descendants of Crom III on Sunday 9.22.19 at Cattivo! Get tickets here.

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Let’s make some meaning…


Riparian plays Death Metal heavily influenced by Black Metal, Tech-Death, and other extreme styles. They’re from Pittsburgh, PA.

Formed in 2017, Riparian released their self-titled EP in 2019 on Grimoire Records. Other projects of band members include Wrought Iron and Grisly Amputation.

Riparian is: Rob Grisly (vocals), Brooks Griswold (bass), Dan Martin (guitar), Louis Snyder (vocals, guitar), and Nick Tupi (drums).

Riparian. Photo by David Walker.

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Listen to the song “Metrics Distortion” from Riparian’s self-titled album and learn what meaning Louis makes:

Lyrics to “Metrics Distortion” were written by Rob Grisly. The song is performed by Riparian, mixed and mastered by Noel Muller, and released on Riparian’s EP through Grimoire Records.

Louis Speaks

“Metrics Distortion” is the first song that was written as a collaborative by all five members of our band. It’s the direction that we would very much like to move in for our overall sound, and gives the listener twists and turns of unexpected changes in time signature manipulation, lighting fast left hand leads, as well as hooks and riffs that can get stuck in your head for hours.

“It’s the direction that we would very much like to move in for our overall sound…” – Louis Snyder of Riparian on their song “Metrics Distortion”

Not only just on the musical end of things, but the lyrics are influenced by quantum physics, and celestial bodies. But we’ll probably write more lyrics on other topics than just galactic voyages. Personally I’m a nerd for astronomy.


We talked to Louis about playing at Descendants of Crom III. The Third Annual Descendants of Crom heavy music festival takes place in Pittsburgh, PA September 20 – 22, 2019.

Descendants of Crom III Updated Flyer
Descendants of Crom III Updated Flyer. ASG had to drop off, and The Obsessed have been added.

How do you feel about playing DOC III?

I’m very excited! I’ve attended all of the DOC’s, and it was always a good time. I’m stoked for us to be on a show with such amazing talent from the line up this year.

What can the audience expect from your performance?

Expect high energy, and fast paced assault of sound. Many beats will be blasted, and fingers will fly. We’re a death metal band… and from what I understand the first death metal band ever to play a DOC.

What other bands are you excited to see perform?

Enhailer and Coma for sure. Those guys rule, and it’s always a party when they’re around.

What else do you want readers to know?

We like our metal loud, our beer cold, and our Simpsons seasons 1-14.

Thanks so much to Louis of Riparian for talking with us about their song “Metrics Distortion” and Descendants of Crom III! We hope this adds to your experience of their band, their song, and their performance. Thanks for making meaning with us.

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