The Musician’s Zodiac: Aquarius

Aquarius, you’re one-of-a-kind and forward-looking.

Aquarius-born are represented by The Water Bearer. They wish to shower the world with their fresh, innovative ideas in order to spread their values of freedom and individuality. People born under the sign of Aquarius are unique, full of ideas, humanitarian-minded, and often unconventional as they are ruled by Uranus, the Greek sky god and first ruler of the universe.


Aquarius: January 20 — February 18

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air (social/intellectual)

Duality: Assertive/Yin/Masculine (extroverted)

Quality: Fixed (focused/determined)

Ruling Planet: Uranus (Ancient Greek sky god and first ruler of the universe; in astrology, Uranus rules change, disruption, the unconventional, and the unexpected)

Best place to create: Somewhere you’ve never been, or in a room filled with weird and wacky decor

Best colors for creativity: Light blue & silver

Best day for creativity and performance: Wednesday

Best signs for bandmates: Leo & Sagittarius

Most helpful traits for the Aquarius musician: Original & Visionary

Least helpful traits for the Aquarius musician: Aloof & Temperamental


The Musician's Zodiac: Aquarius
Quick facts about the Aquarius musician!


You’re an Air sign, and that means you’re all about ideas. Like The Water Bearer that symbolizes the Aquarius sign, you wish to shower the world with your ideas and thoughts. And you have a lot of them! You’re a fearless visionary – original and progressive in your ideas and values. Highly sensitive, you live intensely inside your own mind forming opinions and gaining wisdom that you love to share. Aquarius-born see art as a way to communicate their knowledge and ideals. Whether through words or music, you’re a truth-teller. Your humanitarian values guide your desire to communicate – it’s all about making the world a better place, somehow and someway, through what you can offer. Your uncompromising originality and creativity has a negative side, though. You get bored and quickly lose motivation if you’re not mentally stimulated. To combat this, constantly seek out fresh modes of expression and inspiration.


You’re extremely independent, yet you’re highly collaborative. You love being around others, yet you need time alone. Aquarius artists benefit most from a band situation that is collaborative in nature, but that leaves space for personal development of songs. The best bandmates for Aquarius are creative, intellectual, and have integrity.  Aquarius are often seen as aloof and emotionally distant – and you can be – but it’s more often that you just need time to build up trust and get close. Once you do, you’re incredibly loyal, generous, and are a fantastic listener. You’re non-judgmental, fun, and are easily able to solve problems. Your bandmates tend to be like you – original or a bit eccentric – so you tend to have fun with each other, sometimes engaging in (mostly) friendly competition around who is the most interesting and shocking. While you don’t judge others and are extremely open to their ideas, you cling rigidly to your own opinions. If others don’t agree, you can get impatient and temperamental, showing the moody, brooding, and sometimes anxious side of your personality.


Performance is the life-blood of the Aquarius artist. As a humanitarian, you are always fighting for a cause, so when you can combine performance and helping others (like for a benefit show), you’re especially pleased. Aquarius, you’re shy and quiet but you’re also eccentric and energetic. You’re independent, unique, original, unconventional, and you’re not afraid to show it. Performance is where you can truly be free – and freedom is one of your most sacred values. You dislike dull and boring situations. You hate limitations. In performance, you can be free of the mundane and shake free of all restrictions. Aquarius-born have a natural feel for style and enjoy bold, bright designs. Costumes, set design, stage elements, and movement are used to express your unique personality. Be careful not to trip, though; Aquarius are prone to ankle injuries. Your original, unconventional style and ideas make you vulnerable to attacks by narrow-minded naysayers, as well; so be prepared. Luckily, you don’t really care what other people think.


Aquarius-born are visionaries who look at the world as full of possibilities. You have dreams and are goal-oriented; however, you’re more into ideas than actions. The details and minutia related to getting to where you see yourself in the future can feel dull, boring, and restricting. Use your interest in science and strong intellect to find new and interesting ways of tackling responsibilities. Technology can sometimes help you to transform dull tasks into interesting ones. As far as money goes, you have a great balance between spending and saving money. Your generosity – of money, talents, ideas – can be inspirational to others.


You’re a paradox, Aquarius. On one hand, you’re shy and quiet; on the other, you’re eccentric and energetic. You love being in a group or community; but you need alone time to recharge. You’re engaging, generous, and loyal; but you’re aloof and emotionally distant. Regardless of – or maybe because of – these paradoxes, you have many friends and acquaintances. You tend to get into strange and fun situations with your similarly unconventional friends. Often aloof, a major task for Aquarius is to learn to trust. Those who do earn your trust enjoy your deep thoughts, strong intellect, and lofty ideals. What people most appreciate about you is that you never put on airs. Similarly, you are not put off by those who do. Your commitment to freedom of expression and non-judgment earns you friends and followers.


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