Let the Light In (Posted on Punksburgh)

A really great resource for musicians and music lovers in the Pittsburgh area is Punksburgh. Go there and you’ll learn more about local musicians in their “Inquisitions,” find out about good shows that are coming up in their “Weekend Roundups,” and hear music from artists mentioned each month in their “Punksburgh Playlist.” They do show and album reviews, too! The newest content addition is “Beyond the Music” – essays written by musicians on a topic that is important to them.

I had the pleasure (and intense challenge) of writing one. Published originally on Punksburgh on 1/25/18 as first in the “Beyond the Music” series, here is a personal essay I wrote about how music and depression intersect in my life. Trevor used his wizardly photography skills to express in images what I tried to express in words. He got it just right.

Click here to read “Let the Light In.”


3 thoughts on “Let the Light In (Posted on Punksburgh)

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