For this Special DOC III Edition of Making Meaning, we’re talking with Brian “Butch” Balich of Argus!

Catch Argus at Descendants of Crom III on Saturday 9.21.19 at Cattivo! Get tickets here.

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Let’s make some meaning…


Argus plays Doom-tinged Heavy Metal. They’re from Western Pennsylvania.

The band formed in 2005, and released a self-recorded demo shortly after. Since then, they’ve released four full-length albums and two EPs . Their most recent album, From Fields of Fire, was released in 2017 by Cruz del Sur Music. Brian also is part of Arduini/Balich and Pittsburgh’s Molasses Barge.

Argus is: Brian “Butch” Balich (vocals), Kevin Latchaw (drums), Jason Mucio (guitar), Andy Ramage (bass), and Dave Watson (guitar).

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Listen to the song “Hour of Longing” from Argus’ album From Fields of Fire and learn what meaning Brian makes:

Music for “Hour of Longing” was written by Jay Mucio and the lyrics and vocal melodies were written by Brian “Butch” Balich. The line-up on this album was Kevin Latchaw (drums), Jason Mucio (guitar), Dave Watson (guitar), Brian “Butch” Balich (vocals), and Justin Campbell (bass). It was recorded at Tonic Studios, with vocals cut at Balich’s home. Dave Watson engineered the record and it was released in 2017.

Brian Speaks

I was initially going to write this song about anxiety and panic disorder but I ended up using that idea for the album’s lead-off song “Devils of Your Time.” But as I thought about this song I started thinking about my Grandma Margaret who had an enormous stabilizing and calming affect on me. She really was a rock for me and that’s where the first line “You were the rock on which I leaned” came from.

“She really was a rock for me and that’s where the first line…came from.” – Brian “Butch” Balich of Argus on their song “Hour of Longing”

From there the song developed into being about those people in your life that give you that strength and support in hard times and even when they have passed on you can look to them and feel the effect they’ve had on you and draw from it to help you. Tangentially the song is also a reminder to appreciate those we love while they are with us.


We talked to Brian about playing at Descendants of Crom III. The Third Annual Descendants of Crom heavy music festival takes place in Pittsburgh, PA September 20 – 22, 2019.

Descendants of Crom III Updated Flyer
Descendants of Crom III Updated Flyer. ASG had to drop off, and The Obsessed have been added.

How do you feel about playing DOC III?

Very geared up ! I have been fortunate to perform with Penance in Year 1 and Molasses Barge in Year 2 so it’s awesome to finally get ARGUS, my main band, on the bill.

What can the audience expect from your performance?

It’ll be an Argus performance – high energy and we always aim to play and sing well. We’re trying something different with the set list so this will be fun we think.

What other bands are you excited to see perform?

Good lord – there’s so many I want to see….but Solace, Valkyrie, Icarus Witch, Brimstone Coven, Lightning Born, Black Pyramid, Backwoods Payback are all high up on my “can’t miss” list.

[This interview occurred before Black Pyramid had to drop off!]

What else do you want readers to know?

We’re ready to lay down some metal and some doom so everyone get your doom claws in shape and ready to roll!!!

Thanks so much to Brian of Argus for talking with us about their song “Hour of Longing” and Descendants of Crom III! We hope this adds to your experience of their band, their song, and their performance. Thanks for making meaning with us.

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